Posted by Joseph Overkill_MSA

“Status Quo: Meeting of the Four Horsemen”

~ An insidious meeting takes place in Hell.
To hear their words would serve thee well.

– Death:  “The time is soon upon us, the Apocalypse draws near. Now my brethren, tell me what I want to hear. As the end draws close, there is something I must know. How goes the battle? Have you met your status quo?”

– War: “Hear me now! I am War!
           All is now accounted for!
           Hatred in the name of God.
           None are right. All are wrong.
           Children given tools to kill,
           All according to my will.
           Blood is slain, waste is lain.
          This is what I have to show.
          I have met my status quo.

– Famine: “When crops are burnt
                  and livestock slain,
                  I, Famine, begin my reign.
                  Unequal distribution is the key
                 To bringing about my misery.
                  The rich throw all their food away,
            While the poor cannot even eat every day.
                  That’s my tale of pain and woe.
                  I have met my status quo.”

– Pestilence: “Those mortal fools, in arrogance,
                      Believe themselves immune
                       to pestilence.
                      But just how many have I silenced?
                      Ravaging their bodies from
                       the inside, out.
                     That is what I’m all about.
                      And when help is needed most,
                     The mortals simply turn blind eyes.
                     Out of sight, out of mind.
                     Now I’m sure that you all know,
                     I have met my status quo.”

– Death: “You, my brethren, fill their days
                 with strife.
              But I send them to the afterlife.
              For I am Death, and all roads lead to me.
              All mortals share this destiny.
              Suicide. Genocide.
              Homicide of every kind.
              Sometimes quick and sometimes slow.
             I have met my status quo.

            – Now let us turn our gaze to man.
            The greatest servants in this master plan.
            They have set their standards low,
                 and, man, in doing so…
             Made sure they met their status quo.”


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