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Smallpox Hadwen
Polio Genocide via OPV Jim West
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Ryke Geerd Hamer  Livingstone
Budwig Kelley Gerson Laetrile
Escharotics Herbs Hoxsey
Alternative Medicine
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Water cure  Distilled Urine therapy
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Nutritional Medicine Doctors
The Vitamin C Conspiracy
The Assemblage point

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Experts Law  Police Judges
Offit Orac Deer Gates
HealthFraud Quackwatch
Persecuted doctors
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Benzos Prozac Ritalin  Child abuse
Whitaker Breggin Rappoport
Vaccination Racket  Critics 
Why Vax Continues Victims
Unvaxed children healthier
Covert agendas SterilisationDisease
Autism Vaccine autismDeath
Ingredients Package Inserts
Mercury  Boyd HaleyAluminium
MMR  MMR Urabe Gardasil
Flu vaccine racket Infectious scares
Human Experiments
Medical Mind Control
Lies Study ploys Diagnosis
Vivisection Animal Abuse
Medical Mafia
Charity Racket  Allopathic Rackets
Disease Protection Racket
Wikipedia  Google FacebookDisease Theory Statistics
Pasteur Bechamp Sanitation
Rife Tilden Stephan LankaJim West
Infection (poisons) Infection (nutrition)
Raw food Jury nullification
Women’s Health  Pregnancy
Animal Health  Child Health
Breastfeeding  & Bottle-feeding
Child abuse  Birth traumaCirc
James W. Prescott, Ph.D.
Jeanice Barcelo
Sexuality  Suppressing sexuality
Health Hazards
Dental  Pesticides Wifi
Aspartame Fluoride  Chlorine
Wheat Soy  MSG GMMedical Doctors
Guylain Lanctot, M.D.
Robert Mendelsohn M.D
Dr. Andy Wakefield
Alan Cantwell, M.D
Suzanne Humphries, MD
Virginia Livingston M.D.
Robert Willner, M.D.
Dr Jayne Donegan, MB
Dr. Buchwald MD
Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.
Nutritional doctors Levy, MD.
Kalokerinos Klenner Pfeiffer
Natural Healing Natural Healers
Naturopathic HerbalismHerbs
Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H.
Tilden Shelton Trall Lindlahr
Homeopathy  Dr Jean Elmiger MD

Martin Walker MA
Hilary Butler
J. B. Handley
John Stone
Christina England
Lisa Blakemore-Brown
Tim O’Shea, DC

The Reign of Evil  Mafia (Authority)
Symbology Eye Horn Zionism
Psychopaths (Mafia) SatanismReptilians
Mafia rackets (Conspiracies)
NASA Flat Earth
Medical Mafia Rackets
Countries Africa RwandaSyria Israel
Military Industrial ComplexState Genocide
State Abuse  Animal Abuse
Prison Chemtrails Towers
State Murder  Diana KellyKennedy
State Terror Al-Qaeda ISIS
7/7 911 USS Liberty Boston
Gun Control Sandy Hook
Dope Inc  Gary Webb
Big Oil
  Free Energy
Sex Inc Porn
Food Inc Paul A. Stitt
Music Mafia Film Mafia Films
The Banksters Media Mafia
Political Mafia NDAA Royals
Authoritarianism Communism
Gas Chambers Hoax Quote banners
 Anti-Semitism ZionismProtocols
Terror bombing  Churchill
Eisenhower’s Death Camps

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Empire Crumbling News
Whale stats
Whale history (About)


Mind Control Authority
Fear Subliminal Lies TV
Brice Taylor Springmeier
James Bartley
Gary Allen
Greg Hallett
Eustace Mullins
Edward Hendrie
G. Edward Griffin
Christopher Bollyn
Steven J. Smith
Andrew Hennessey

Native American
Spiritual Psychedelics
Religion Racket Catholicism
Judaism Darwinism Atheism
Psychology Tone scale
Earth Energies & Dowsing
Animal Health
Cetaceans Dogs Cats
Horse Badgers Bees

Don & Carol Croft
The Croft Adventures
Wilhelm Reich
Don Bradley
Laozu Heaven and Earth

Mapping & Killing the Matrix with Orgonite & KnowledgeAuthority isn’t Truth, Truth is Authority.
“A single lie destroys a whole reputation for integrity.”  ~Baltasar Gracian (1601-1658), Spanish philosopher and writer
“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the US public believes is false.“  ~  William J. Casey, 1981

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[vid CLASSIC] The Animal Communicator



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